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11 Takay Dactar Project


During the pandemic, the last couple of years have witnessed a lot of strain on the health care system in Kolkata. A majority of government and private hospitals have been converted to designated Covid-19 treatment centers. The only option of getting medical treatment in private facilities or nursing homes turned out to be too unaffordable to common ordinary people who already suffered from shrinking business activities during this time. Deeply moved by this unprecedented crisis, Mr. Sujoy Roy from South Kolkata undertook a very unusual initiative by setting up the '11 Takay Dactarbabu' clinic. With a nominal fee of Rs. 11, the patients are able to get help of the renowned medical specialists. Read Sujoy's story ...

Promise WW has pledged its support to help continue this effort so that many more people can avail of this treatment. On a recent visit by the President of Promise WW, Mrs Jaya Basu reaffirms a financial support for this good cause. Watch her statement of support here

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