Live Projects


 Abhirampur Project

In this area, the majority of students live below the poverty line. Though there is a government-run school in the area, most students cannot afford the books or the supplies they need. Most of the community is comprised of sustenance farmers who must devote all their time simply to feed themselves. Read more ..


 Chandipur Project

This remote village with mostly tribal inhabitants has not seen significant advancement of education among the young population. The marginal farm laborer families have been largely unable to provide any means or guidance to their children towards education to enable them to face the modern world. Read more ...


 11 TakayDactar Project

Promise has joined hands with Mr. Sujoy Roy in making high quality medical treatment options at a negligible cost available to the common people through a very unique health clinic. Read more ..


 Pandua Project

Not too far from Kolkata, this farm labor community has been hardly hit by the pandemic, when the young children had mostly stayed away from their schools. The aspiring marginal farm laborer families could not afford to provide effective education to their children. Read more ...


 Dhulomati Project

Sundarban consists of a number of Islands (Archipelago). The islands are very remote and some are not even inhabited. Those that are inhabited lack basic facilities like electricity and tap water. Education is desired, but seems out of reach to many of the residents. Read more ..