Live Projects

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Birbhum District Project

In this area, the majority of students live below the poverty line. Though there is a government-run school in the area, most students cannot afford the books or the supplies they need. Most of the community is comprised of sustenance farmers who must devote all their time simply to feed themselves.

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Howrah District Project

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many suburban people have had their livelihoods destroyed and lost their only sources of income. Many children who were previously able to attend school have been forced to stop in order to support their families. In the Howrah District, People of Promise found that at least 50 students had stopped going to school and were unable to return.

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Sundarban Project

Sundarban consists of a number of Islands (Archipelago). The islands are very remote and some are not even inhabited. Those that are inhabited lack basic facilities like electricity and tap water.

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Upcoming Project: Medinopore District

In this area, there are huge number of brick field workers and their families, who are migrant workers. Male and female members of the family are basically migrant workers. Their children stay with them all the time without any connection to education.