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Nawabpur Children's Project

Nawabpur Childrens Project
Nawabpur Childrens Project

The school in Nawabpur has 400 children, offering both morning and evening classes. In addition, training is also offered in dance, music, yoga, drawing, and crafts. The West Bengal board of primary education recently donated books to this school for English, Bengali, and mathematics.

Promise Initiative


Keeping in mind the educational needs of the children of Promise, for the past year, a literacy initiative has been established by the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas.  The Chair of the Literacy Studies Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the university has teamed up with one of our directors at Promise to bring cutting edge teaching methods for the children of Promise. The graduate students at the university use Skype as a teaching medium and help kids in the slums of Kolkata half way across the globe to learn the English language, using quality bilingual picture books. 


The Skype sessions are carried on from Texas and New York with Kolkata. So far, they have worked with the children for 3 semesters (summer & fall ’12, and spring ’13).  The department is trying to engage in fund-raising projects so that they can provide Promise with quality computer (s) that will enhance the quality of Skype.


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