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Chandipur School Project


This community with a majority share of tribal population is in a major need of imparting a basic practical education. As it is noticed for the young children of the farm laborer parents, education takes a back seat and the Government schools are only an avenue to receive a mid-day meal, far detached from the goal of receiving a quality education. Promise has identified this as an opportunity to extend its support to make a positive difference in this community, at no cost to the students. 

The school has started in early 2022 with fifty students of grade level child to eighth, and two teachers. In compliance with the other Promise-run schools, the approach undertaken here is to ensure proper building of base education, irrespective of the grade level. The teachers are being trained to identify the level of basic proficiency in each student and impart the coaching to build the necessary foundation before moving to the next appropriate level. A daily snacks is provided in the morning to ensure that the students get a certain level of daily nutrition and are motivated enough to come to this school for learning. Installation of two internet enabled computers is planned in the near future to enable remote teaching, collaboration and access to expert educationists. The guardians are also being counselled to encourage their children to support the cause of education and assist them as much as possible.

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