Sundarban Project

Sundarban consists of a number of Islands (Archipelago). The islands are very remote and some are not even inhabited. Those that are inhabited lack basic facilities like electricity and tap water. The livelihood of the population is agriculture and fishing.


A non-profit organization, named Shibnagar Community Development Society, has taken up the daunting task of overall socio economic development that would benefit everyone living there. Promise has joined hands with them to make this a reality.


They have started a school (built from ground up) providing basic education to about 125 children. They are working and collaborating with the agricultural department of the local state government to aid in cultivation of salt tolerant rice (since salinity of the water has increased considerably in the last decade). They are working with other organizations such as the National Institute of Research on Jute and Allied Fibres to explore jute cultivation as a possible industry and the Coconut development board to increase the production of coconuts. Lastly, we plan to involve the women there in our ‘Tookie’ production working with Sinco Corp.