Internship Programme

For ages 18-25

Scope- Various internships are available in the following categories:

  • Teaching (both curricular and co-curricular)

  • Content Writing (updating website content from time-to-time)

  • Social Media Managing (keep track of Facebook and Instagram accounts)

  • Graphic/Web Designing (update website visuals)

  • Fundraising (curate awareness programmes to raise funds)

  • Project Management (manage a particular project, keeping track of all data)

The internship tenure will be either 3 months (minimum), or 6 months. Each intern will receive a certificate and a letter of recommendation after the completion of their tenure. Interns who complete a 6-month tenure will gain membership in the Youth Committee.

Volunteering Programme

For ages 25 and above

Scope- Can volunteer in any arena, ranging from teaching to project management.

Educator Programme

For experienced individuals who have served in various fields and would like to be involved in education.

Scope- Will conduct training classes for on-field educators residing in the villages to teach them subject matter (if needed) and the nuances of effective and interactive teaching.