To increase the standard of living of disadvantaged communities in the world, and help build self-respect, improve health and well being, as well as provide opportunities for education and economic development.




To help impoverished women and children from the slums of the world. We provide them with the skills, tools and education to improve their quality of life and reverse the cycle of poverty and death, so that they can transform themselves into successful, independent citizens. We build sustainable programs for providing food, shelter and medical assistance that helps reduce hunger, child abuse, unwanted births, diseases and create a sense of hope for them.




  • Teach basic reading and writing skills

  • Assist with tuition fees and school supplies

  • Provide balanced meals and essential nutrition

  • Provide clothing, and other items necessary for daily life

  • Provide lessons on personal hygiene and basic life skills

  • Provide medical care to treat disease, deliver vaccines, perform life-changing surgeries and ensure safe childbirth

  • Teach computer skills including Internet use, thus providing opportunites for knowledge and advancement