People Behind Promise


Jaya Basu

CEO & President, Promise Worldwide

Jaya moved with her family to the US in 1995, with no more than a few packed bags. While she decided to stay home to raise her children, her entrepreneurial husband went on to start a company. She has been an active member of the Bay Area Indian Community and has actively participated in many activities including directing and staging 4 theatrical plays. Jaya founded the Promise World Wide non-profit organization ten years ago, to help underprivileged children in the world, starting the project in India. She has organized funding drives and raised money from her family, friends, from the Los Gatos Rotary Club and from socialites all over California.


Jaymala Ganguly


Jaymala is a recent inductee to Promise Worldwide. She has firsthand experience working with social workers in West Bengal trying to tackle issues ranging from child malnourishment and education to raising funds for people with life threatening diseases.
A very familiar face on Bengali Television and cinema, Jaymala has an avid interest in music and theatre, and has featured in multiple plays in the Bay Area.


Lynne Woodward

Vice President, Promise Worldwide

Lynne Woodward, LCSW has recently been appointed to the Promise Worldwide Board of Directors and will serve as the board's Vice-President.  Ms. Woodward has a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Social Welfare.  She has enjoyed an extensive career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has focused on issues relating to Child Welfare throughout her 46 years of social work experience in the community.  She has been employed by public and private agencies as well as local schools and colleges.  She has been self-employed in her own clinical  practice for the past twenty-six years.  Her practice affords her the opportunity to provide psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults.  She has many years of leadership experience, having served as President of several non-profit Board of Directors, as Chair of the Santa Clara County Juvenile Justice Commission and as an active member of the Rotary Club of Los Gatos.


Vinita Singhal

Board Member, Promise Worldwide

Vinita Singhal is an engineer turned technical communicator. She received her Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, and a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University before moving to the Bay Area in Northern California. She feels strongly about advocacy and empowerment for those with challenges in all spheres of life and believes that providing the right help at the right time can change lives.


Rangana Lahiri

Secretary, Promise Worldwide

Rangana Lahiri is one of the founding members of Promise Worldwide and has actively helped shape the ideas and principles of the organization to help disadvantaged women and children in India.  She passionately believes that all people, regardless of race, sex, nationality and religious beliefs, deserve access to the basic needs of life – food, water, shelter and freedom from violence and persecution.  She has worked hard to provide access to these fundamental needs, and to education that can pull whole families and societies out of the cycle of poverty.
She has travelled extensively to all corners of the globe, and loves to engage with the myriads of societies and cultures that represent our Earth.  She is an avid painter and artist, and enjoys gourmet cooking.

Aloke picture.jpg

Aloke Das

Director, Communication

Aloke K. Das is a technologist by profession, having a Ph.D in Computer Sc. & Engg. from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He is currently based in San Jose, CA, USA and held several technical and management positions over the period of his career span. His passion is to expand the opportunity of practical education among the young children. Besides, he works towards building village level farming cooperatives as a means of self-reliance by the marginal farmers.


Gahan Lahiri

Chair of Youth Group, Promise Worldwide

Gahan Lahiri is very passionate about helping others. Since middle school, he has been involved in numerous organizations and projects whose aim is to support those in need. He first worked with Promise Worldwide at the age of 16, when he was given the opportunity to teach English to a group of disadvantaged children in India. This has had a profound effect on his outlook, and Gahan has continued to find opportunities to serve marginalized groups. This includes earning the rank of Eagle Scout by recording video biographies of Vietnam War veterans for the Library of Congress, as well as teaching children from low-income families in Los Angeles, first in person and then via Zoom during COVID times. He is currently pursuing a degree in Biology at Occidental College. 

Our Kolkata Trustees


Debabrata Dutta

CFO, Promise Kolkata Charitable Trust

Debabrata Dutta is a technocrat by profession, having a B. Tech (ME) degree from IIT, Kharagpur. He worked in the field of software development and IT services over a period of 36 years as a professional. Currently, he is working as a consultant, post retirement, for an organization in US. His passion has always been to impart education to young learners and he has pursued it all throughout his professional years in individual capacity. Besides, he also runs a learning center to enable young aspirants for JEE/NEET examinations to achieve their goals. He is most serious in connecting with young students and make them self-reliant.


Sujoy Roy

Director - Health, Promise Kolkata Charitable Trust

Sujoy Roy is a social worker and philanthropist for the last 23 years, and is engaged in a vast number of organizations, institutions, and functional groups.  A Post-graduate from the University of Calcutta and a diploma holder in Public Health from Kerala, he is an expert in Communications and Advocacy with media and elected representatives. Sujoy has been involved, as a core team member, in several government and private endeavours like census operations - Govt. of India, National Trainer RKSK program, MoHFW, Ethics Committee Member of Ruby General Hospital and many more. He is a National Member of the LaQshya Luminaries Team, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. He participated in the UN General Assembly twice and is regularly involved in international endeavours by the WHO on Quality-of-CARE Issues.

Recently, he has started a multispecialty doctors’ clinic - “11 Takay Daktarbabu” on his own effort, for the marginalized people. Anyone, here, can avail of expert doctors’ consultation, medicine, and diagnostic tests with a nominal fee of Rupees 11 only.


Amit Kumar Das

President, Promise Kolkata Charitable Trust

Mathematics graduate from University of Calcutta and a West Bengal Government Servant by profession. He worked in the Land and the Land Reforms wing with specific job of vesting ceiling surplus land in favor of the  Government and distribute them among the landless. In his service life spanning over 30 years, he worked in the remote and fringe areas in West Bengal, India, as well as in the megacity wherein he worked in acquisition of land
for different Government projects and highways. Post-
retirement, he works in WBHIDCO and deals with land
allotment in Silicon Valley projects and Business
Districts in West Bengal; New town, Kolkata - in
particular. In his Government capacity he has always tried to uplift the poor and weaker section of society by
imparting service to them. He takes interest in
implementing self‐sustained projects that would
eventually empower the underprivileged within the
constitutional provisions of India.


Tulika Goswami

Secretary, Promise Kolkata Charitable Trust

Tulika Goswami is a technical writer by profession based in India. She has been working in the field for more than 24 years. She is a conservationist and a volunteer for food safety and sustainable agriculture movement through writing blogs and contents. She believes that grooming the future generation from the grassroot level is the only way towards sustainable development of the society.

Her hobbies are - gardening, travel, and writing (poems and essays).