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Ujan - Toockies Project

In October 2008, a succesful project for rural women in West Bengal was started. Collaborating with Sinko Corp, USA, these women became involved in making an organic, zero-waste dish cloth and many other fantastic products. 

The brand is called Tookies and its products are today distributed through Lavinia Trade in Europe. The project has provided livelihood for more than 800 women over the course of 11 years. 

Nawabpur Children’s Project

April 22, 2013

The school in Nawabpur has 400 odd children, offering both morning and evening classes. In addition to the classes, training is also offered in dance, music, yoga, drawing and crafts. The West Bengal board of primary education recently donated books for this school in English, Bengali and Mathematics. Keeping in mind the educational needs of the children of Promise, for the past year a literacy initiative ....

Self-Sustaining Project for women in Nawabpur

Feb, 2014

Started in Oct 2008, this project for rural women in Nawabpur is a success story. With active participation from Sinko Corp, USA, they have agreed to market 10,000 units of the product... 

Atghara Project

March 15, 2013

There is a small village of Baduria in the district of North 24 Parganas in West Bengal, 70% of the population of which consists of the minority community. The children cannot go to school and are made to work in dangerous conditions. They handle glass without......

Kamarpota Project

August, 2014

Kamarpota is a very small village with a population of 1082 and 75 families. Of those, 60% of the children are from minority groups while rest are scheduled caste and general. 6 teachers provide education...

Bisweswarpur Project

July, 2014

Bisweswarpur Ankur Human Welfare Society has been working for the people of Bisweswarpur including surrounding villages running a non-formal education center. The school was established in 2005. The students are from different villages...

Sundarban Project

September 5, 2012

Sundarban consists of a number of Islands (Archipelago). The islands are very remote and some are not even habited and those that are lack the basic facilities like electricity and tap water. The livelihood of the population is agriculture and fishing.


A non-profit organization called the Shibnagar Community Development Society has taken up the daunting task of an overall.....

Sirampur Child Guidance Center

Nov 2013

This school assits mentally handicapped, hearing impaired, and autistic children.  Apart from being a regular school for these children it also provides psychological ...

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