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Where do we want to go ?


We find ourselves in a situation today where everyone is trying to provide ‘education’ to the children to get them ready for employment so they can lead a more economically sound life. But we have to realize that not everyone has the inclination or capabilities to go on to be en engineer or a doctor. We have to be able to equip them with real day to day life skills so they can be gainfully employed in different sectors and segments of society.


The government of India has recently taken some initiative and created an umbrella organization (Skill Development Company of India Limited) to spearhead this effort. They have identified nearly two hundred different skills which could be imparted to the youth who will then be ready for jobs.


Our goal currently is to produce employable force at two levels- one with skills fit for absorption in various manufacturing and service industries. We expert them to earn Rs. 5000/- / 6000/- per month in the beginning. The second group will be trained and educated to take up higher education like engineering, medical, humanities and arts. We expect 10% of the total input numbers to achieve this goal.


And we have Promises to keep


We still have miles to go, and lots of promises to keep that we made to ourselves and to the kids who deserve a chance to dream, who deserve a fair chance to make their dreams come true, to live life with a better tomorrow

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