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Abhirampur School Project

Abhirampur is farming village in Burdwan (E) district of West Bengal. There is a strong need for the young children of the marginal farm laborers and other from similar economic background to get an appropriate education. This children are neither able to afford to pay for the fees and supplies in the government school, nor do they get proper environment at home to study. 

With a very generous support by Mr. Bhaskar Ghosh, son of Late Mrs. Arati Ghosh, an avid educationist whose dream was to spread the education among unprivileged children, Promise WW has started the school with fourteen young students, grade 1 – 6 in August 2021. Assisted by one teacher to start with, the students have been very enthusiastically participating classes regularly. The teaching material is being designed by Promise that is not focused on enabling the students only to pass school examinations, but rather aimed at gaining practical knowledge that will, in future, help them become independent citizens and enable them to compete in the professional world. As of the end of 2021, the school is running with thirty students and two teachers.

Promise also recognizes that health awareness should be encouraged and introduced as early as possible as a discipline among the students. A Yoga camp has been organized in December, 2021 where the students and interested adults have been trained in a Yoga session by a certified Yoga coach. Following this training, the students have been practicing Yoga one day every week in the school premises.

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