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Abhirampur Project

Abhirampur, a village in the Ausgram Ii subdivision of Barddhaman district in West Bengal, India, has a location code of 318952. According to the 2011 Census, the village covers 290.95 hectares and has a total population of 1,597, with 822 males and 775 females. The literacy rate of the village is 62.37%, with 68.73% of males and 55.61% of females being literate. Abhirampur village is located 9.8km away from the sub-district headquarters of Amragar. There are approximately 395 houses in the village, and the pincode of Abhirampur village is 713144.

While the statistics offer a glimpse into Abhirampur's demographics, Promise Worldwide and Promise Kolkata Charitable Trust are working tirelessly to improve the education and opportunities available to children in the village. The organizations are providing remote cyber education to students in Abhirampur, facilitated by successful professionals. Thanks to their efforts, children in Abhirampur are receiving the basic education they need to thrive in the modern world.

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