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  • Sponsor Sanitary Pad for 1 year to underprivileged women in INDIA =  $25 Per Year Per Woman.

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YOU can make it happen.


We are all inherently very compassionate people. The plight of endangered animals brings us to tears, and we cannot stand the injustice against these voiceless creatures.


Similarly, human rights are more rampantly violated in impoverished areas - every time a girl is married off before she turns 18, every time a child is denied education or has little to no food, and every time a person is subjected to abuse. Some lack the information or resources to change their circumstances, while others are hindered by coercion, discrimination, or violence when they try to exercise these rights.


There are many ways you can support our mission of delivering education, health, and hope to the world. YOU can make a difference!


For just $20, you can help fulfill our vision for a better future.

Finally, we will really appreciate if you can make your generous gift monthly.



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