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In the remote village of Chuprijhara, located in West Bengal, India, basic education for children is often out of reach. With a population of 11,738, the village has a literacy rate of only 56.72%, with just 64.33% of males and 48.86% of females able to read and write.

However, thanks to the efforts of Promise Worldwide and Promise Kolkata Charitable Trust, this is beginning to change. Through remote cyber classes led by successful professionals, children in Chuprijhara and other rural areas are gaining access to the education they deserve. While Chuprijhara is located 17.6km from the nearest sub-district headquarter and 59.4km from the district headquarter, it is also home to a gram panchayat, covering a total geographical area of 1737.17 hectares. The village consists of 2,319 houses and is identified by the location code or village code of 335004, with a pincode of 743349. Thanks to Promise Worldwide and Promise Kolkata Charitable Trust, Chuprijhara's children are being given the chance to learn and grow, regardless of their location.

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