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Jhingekhali Project

Koabati kids watching Pather PaNchali_edited.jpg

Nestled deep within the Bashirhat Range of the Sundarbans Tiger reserve lies Jhingakhali, an isolated region accessible only by hired boat or launch. Despite its remoteness, however, a beacon of hope shines bright for the 45 students of Promise Open School who call Jhingakhali home. This exceptional initiative, spearheaded by Promise Worldwide and the Promise Kolkata Charitable Trust, offers basic education to underprivileged children through remote cyber-learning, led by successful professionals. It's worth noting that the program caters to a predominantly Muslim population, with 90 percent of the students hailing from this community. The incredible work being done by Promise Worldwide and Promise Kolkata Charitable Trust is truly an inspiration, highlighting the power of education to transform lives and make a difference even in the most challenging of circumstances.

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