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Self-sufficient Souls

Behind every successful woman, she is herself!

With few mothers of our kids to start ou

 নিজ গুণে নারী 


Promise Kolkata Charitable Trust with the support of Shri Shri Kanak Mataji Trust has have taken the initiative to empower women through training programs in natural farming techniques, cultivating a variety of vegetables that are popular in local market like eggplant, beetroot, green chilies, spinach, beans, turnip and many more without the use of harmful chemicals.

The natural farming initiatives contribute to broader community development and environmental conservation. Cause the use of natural fertilizers has not also improved the nutritional value of the products but also enhances the natural balance of the soil.

nijo gune naaree_edited_edited.jpg

Promise helping these women overcome the obstacles like lack of access to land, financing, markets, agricultural training and education in farming and thus, fostering self-sufficiency, and a sense of agency and pride.

Promise also focuses on empowering these women by providing them with basic education and teaching them the art of signing their names, liberating them from the traditional reliance on thumbprints. This transformative initiative not only imparts essential skills but also fosters a sense of independence and confidence among them. They will acquire essential basic literacy and numeracy skills. 

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