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Promise Worldwide and Promise Kolkata Charitable Trust are making strides in providing basic education to children in Baikuntapur village, located in the Kultali subdivision of South Twenty Four Parganas district in West Bengal, India. With a location code of 335049, Baikuntapur village is situated 29.2km away from sub-district headquarter Jamtalahat (tehsildar office) and 96km away from district headquarter Alipore. According to Census 2011 information, Maipith Baikunthapur is the gram panchayat of Baikuntapur village.

The village, which spans 884.16 hectares, is home to a population of 7,802 individuals, with 4,015 males and 3,787 females. The literacy rate in Baikuntapur village is 69.64%, with 76.39% of males and 62.48% of females being literate. There are about 1,482 houses in the village, and the pincode of the locality is 743383.

Despite the challenges posed by distance and limited resources, Promise Worldwide and Promise Kolkata Charitable Trust have made significant progress in providing access to basic education through remote cyber learning facilitated by successful professionals. Their efforts are helping to improve the literacy rates of the village and provide greater opportunities for the next generation.

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