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Dhulomati Project


Dhulomati School Project

This remote community in the Sunderbans is situated far from the mainstream city or administrative hotspot. The majority of the inhabitants are marginal farm labourers and fishermen. Their livelihood depends on the business in an area where the tigers in the forests and the crocodiles in the rivers are plenty to force them to live a constantly threatened life!

Health centres are far and not easily accessible even in dire life-threatening situations. Education as a tool to enable them to lead a more secure life is very desirable but seems to be out of reach to a large number of them.

The school started in early 2022 with thirty students of grade level child to sixth, and with two teachers. The promise is committed to making a difference in the lives of these young students, as with all other schools. Promise recognizes that the basic abilities of any child are the same waiting to be nurtured and brought to full bloom. Its endeavour is ongoing.

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